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What We Offer

Mental Performance Support is offered through one-to-one sessions, group workshops,

and long term team support.


Individual Sessions

Mental performance programs will be individualized and tailored to your needs and requirements to help you realize your goals and achieve your dreams.

Individual support can improve your performance and wellbeing by helping you to:

- Perform under pressure

- Enhance confidence

- Manage performance anxiety

- Overcome setbacks

- Develop resillience

- Increase motivation

- Improve focus

- Learn tactics and technical aspects

And more!

One-to-one sessions are 50 minutes long and are offered either face-to-face or through virtual calls.

Sport Tactics

Group Workshops

Workshops are ideal for teams and groups who want to learn practical techniques including:
- Communication skills
- Team work
- Leadership skills

- Team culture

- Resilience

- Performing under pressure
as well as many other skills and techniques that can be used to improve team performance in high performance settings.

Costs for group workshops are dependant on duration and location.

Team Putting Fists Together In Huddle

Team Support

Mental performance support for teams is a long term approach to improve your teams' performance.

A collaborative approach will be utilized to deliver support that will be unique to your team to ensure your needs are met, performance is enhanced, and mental wellbeing is improved.

Team support can include:

- Assessment and observation of team to understand and identify needs

- Collaborative work with staff including physiotherapists, nutritionists, S&C coaches, board members etc.

- Implementation of interventions to support and improve team performance

- Support in the daily training environment and at competition

- A combination of 1-1 support and group work

Email Fiona at or use the 'Contact us' page for further information or to book an appointment.
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